Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Gaming at CSUEB - Game Jams!

Are you interested in gaming? CSU East Bay Game Jams are a series of game design events, set to occur in the later part of each quarter of the 2014/15 academic year. Following a voluntary series of weekly tutorials by senior students and industry professionals, each Game Jam opens on Friday afternoon with a mixer event including a keynote that outlines and unveils the common theme for the particular event.  Followed by an idea pitching session and team formation, teams arrive in the morning Saturday and Sunday for a small breakfast and pep talk before beginning to work on their ideas. Throughout each day, industry and professional participants circulate among the teams and offer mentoring and advice. On Sunday at 5:00 p.m., teams present their projects to the other teams and members of the public.

The Game Jam is a non-competitive event focused on ideation, innovation and creating prototypes.


Q1: Friday,  November 14, 4:00PM to Sunday, November 16, 6:00PM
Q2: February  6 - 8, 2014 (tentative)
Q3: May 8-10, 2014 (tentative)

Goals and Objectives of the proposed activity/experience:

  • Students discover the value of right-brain thinking, ideation and the ability to articulate those ideas.
  • Students discover the importance of cross-functional team-building and teamwork.
  • Students develop Design Thinking in planning, preparation, and execution of innovative projects.
  • Students work, communicate and network across colleges, departments, and disciplines.
  • Students develop skills of empathy and working in cross-functional teams under tight deadlines as they would likely experience during Work Sprints in the tech industry culture of Silicon Valley.
  • Student discover the importance of attending professional events that are common in Silicon Valley including ideation and networking events such as game jams, hackathons and startup weekends.


Art Department
Graduate Multimedia Program
School of Art and Media
Creative Pioneers Club
IEEE club
AMA club
40+  Students from College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences, College of Science and College of Business and Economics
Institute for STEM Education
Center for Student Research

We always welcome additional ideas and participation by members and organizations on the CSUEB Campus.  If you want to be involved in this activity, please email ian.pollock@csueastbay.edu.

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